Do we need B-performers in startups or is it all about TOP TALENT?

I have been thinking about the topic of hiring in startups and I was wondering what the best way is. From my experience, in the first phase there is the founding team, that is sharing the tasks among each other. If the work gets too much, most teams hire some interns or beginner-level employees to help them with their work and at the same time control the budget… Since they are very young and new to the workforce, they will happily take on the culture of the startup.

After some time, the mid-level employees are being hired. From my experience, this can be a tricky task, because these employees bring their own experiences and their own „corporate culture“ background into the organization. Depending, on where they are coming from, their culture might be quite strong and therefore, the culture of the startup needs to „grow up“ and partially adapt to these new people.

Also, communication structures need to be put in place. Not all people are sitting in one room anymore and not all decisions can be made together with all members of the organization anymore… There is also the danger of „departmentalism“ and it is a challenge to ensure that all business units are still cooperating and working together.

So how do you handle the „pains of growing“ and ensure that your company is advancing and developing and at the same time still keep the basic mission and shared values up?


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